KPN wholesale VDSL2 profile 35b


I’m interested to understand what the criteria is for a KPN wholesale VDSL2 line to be enabled for profile 35b, does anyone know? Is it enabled only on lines less than a certain length from the DSLAM, for example?



I don’t know KPN’s exact policies, but it seems that 250~300 meters between the modem and the DSLAM is about the limit. After that, there is no real difference between 35b and 17a, so your line would probably be set to 17a instead if you’re further away.

Thanks for the response Kevin, makes sense. In my case I get good sync rates with profile 17a (110Mb down/33Mb up) but suspect my line is a bit too long for 35b.

The KPN policy regarding DSL profiles is a mystery…

I have a line length of <100m to the DSLAM, and a 17a profile.

I have had the opportunity of a look inside the DSLAM cabinet, and discovered the Nokia DSLAM to be capable of using the 35a/b profiles… Would result in a significant link speed upgrade, but for unknown reasons, it’s not enabled…