Asterisk register string

Ik gebruik voor asterisk de volgende syntax: maar dat lijkt niet te werken, ik krijg enkel request send als ik sip show regisgtry doe. Als ik achter het ww plak, krijg ik de melding Forbidden - wrong password on authentication for REGISTER for ‘jvangent’ to ‘’

Weet iemand wat de correcte registry string is voor freedom sip ?

Welke Asterisk versie?

Je gebruikt overigens zo te zien de oude chan_sip. Ik adviseer zeker eens te kijken naar PJSIP.

De recente documentatie geeft een aantal voorbeelden.

; ---------------------------------------- OUTBOUND SIP REGISTRATIONS  ------------------------
; Asterisk can register as a SIP user agent to a SIP proxy (provider)
; Format for the register statement is:
;       register => [peer?][transport://]user[@domain][:secret[:authuser]]@host[:port][/extension][~expiry]
; domain is either
;	- domain in DNS
; 	- host name in DNS
;	- the name of a peer defined below or in realtime
; The domain is where you register your username, so your SIP uri you are registering to
; is username@domain
; If no extension is given, the 's' extension is used. The extension needs to
; be defined in extensions.conf to be able to accept calls from this SIP proxy
; (provider).
; A similar effect can be achieved by adding a "callbackextension" option in a peer section.
; this is equivalent to having the following line in the general section:
;        register => fromuser:secret:username@host/callbackextension
; and more readable because you don't have to write the parameters in two places
; (note that the "port" is ignored - this is a bug that should be fixed).
; Note that a register= line doesn't mean that we will match the incoming call in any
; other way than described above. If you want to control where the call enters your
; dialplan, which context, you want to define a peer with the hostname of the provider's
; server. If the provider has multiple servers to place calls to your system, you need
; a peer for each server.
; Beginning with Asterisk version 1.6.2, the "user" portion of the register line may
; contain a port number. Since the logical separator between a host and port number is a
; ':' character, and this character is already used to separate between the optional "secret"
; and "authuser" portions of the line, there is a bit of a hoop to jump through if you wish
; to use a port here. That is, you must explicitly provide a "secret" and "authuser" even if
; they are blank. See the third example below for an illustration.
; Examples:
;register =>
;     This will pass incoming calls to the 's' extension
;register => 2345:password@sip_proxy/1234
;    Register 2345 at sip provider 'sip_proxy'.  Calls from this provider
;    connect to local extension 1234 in extensions.conf, default context,
;    unless you configure a [sip_proxy] section below, and configure a
;    context.
;    Tip 1: Avoid assigning hostname to a sip.conf section like []
;    Tip 2: Use separate inbound and outbound sections for SIP providers
;           (instead of type=friend) if you have calls in both directions
;register =>
;    Note that in this example, the optional authuser and secret portions have
;    been left blank because we have specified a port in the user section
;register => tls://
;    The 'transport' part defaults to 'udp' but may also be 'tcp' or 'tls'.
;    Using 'udp://' explicitly is also useful in case the username part
;    contains a '/' ('user/name').

;registertimeout=20             ; retry registration calls every 20 seconds (default)
;registerattempts=10            ; Number of registration attempts before we give up
                                ; 0 = continue forever, hammering the other server
                                ; until it accepts the registration
                                ; Default is 0 tries, continue forever
;register_retry_403=yes         ; Treat 403 responses to registrations as if they were
                                ; 401 responses and continue retrying according to normal
                                ; retry rules.

Ik denk dat je wat moet omdraaien.
Is je password wel goed en hoe test(te) je dat dit goed is ?

Het bij mij werkende “register” formaat waarmee ij mijzelf aanmeld is overigens:
register => fromuser:password@host/callbackextension
NB: in veel gevallen is ‘fromuser’ gelijk aan je telefoonnummer (callback extension)

Forbidden - wrong password on authentication for REGISTER for ‘+31487572918’ to ‘’

nu omgedraaid. Het ww is toch hetzelfde wachtwoord wat ik ook gebruik in de Voip portal ? Dat ww werkt daar gewoon.

gebruikte het verkeerde username and password, ik dacht dat de portal toegang ook voor sip was, maar dat zijn blijkbaar een ander username en een ander password.